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  • Bone and Joint

    Veterinary developed supplements for cats that provide natural alternatives to help maintain healthy connective tissue, support joint function and promote quality of life.
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  • Skin and Coat

    Veterinary formulated skin and coat supplements that supply nutrients for healthy skin and shiny, lustrous coats and help diminish normal shedding.
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  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Veterinary developed vitamins and mineral supplements in various forms and flavors that complement a cat's normal diet.
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  • Condition Specific

    Veterinary developed supplements that address specific the special needs of cats as their bodies change, and the wear and tear of life extracts its toll.
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  • Behavioral

    Veterinary formulated supplements that provide a unique combination of ingredients in various forms that gently relax cats without heavy hypnotic effects.
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  • Eye And Ear

    Veterinary formulated topical products specifically developed to help keep eyes and ears and surrounding tissues clean and free of matter.
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  • Topical

    Veterinary formulated topical creams, sprays, and salves that offer soothing, temporary relief from minor skin irritations.
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  • Enviromental

    Ecologically responsible products that help reduce pet odor as well discourage cats from chewing at hot spots, injuries and bandages and clawing furniture, rugs and drapes.
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